:Vera Control HISTORY

MiOS, LTD. (Vera’s Parent Company) is a global software and hardware company represented in over 65 countries, and focused on developing and distributing advanced control and monitoring solutions for the home and small enterprise markets. Founded in 2008, MiOS has created the technology platform that bridges many different devices to produce hardware and .software solutions for home control networks

Now in its fourth generation, the MiOS platform allows users to remotely control, monitor and automate their households and businesses with products that are currently available from any provider. Technology developments such as MiOS are driving an exploding market for increased home security, greater energy-cost savings, global remote home management, and the growing “aging at home” population.

MiOS is a global employer with operations in North and South America and Europe. Our passion is to make advanced monitoring, control and automation relevant in every household, and easier to setup and use. MiOS is dedicated to advancing technology to save energy, achieve a greener lifestyle and simplify security.

At Vera Control, Ltd, our goal is to make the connected world a simpler & more affordable place. For too long, ‘smart home’ technologies have been too complicated & expensive for everyday people. There’s no reason why they should be. That’s why we started Vera Control, Ltd.

Vera Control, Ltd is made up of some of the finest minds from the worlds of wireless technology, consumer electronics and software development. Our founders have many years of experience bringing you the electronics you already know and love – the ones you’ll find all over your house, your car and inside your pocket. Now with Vera, we want to help you control them from anywhere – easily and affordably.

:Vera’s VISION

Vera makes any home a smart home – one that’s more secure, convenient and economical. And we’re the only ones that do it without charging you monthly fees or making you sign up for unwanted subscription plans.

With Vera, you’re really in control. And we’ll always be right behind you.

Our team is passionately devoted to making these technologies accessible to anyone. We don’t think you should need an engineering degree to keep an eye on your home when you’re at work. We don’t think you should have to pay hundreds of dollars a year (or more) for security when you can get it without fees or subscriptions. We think energy management at home should save you money, not cost you money.

We’ve dedicated ourselves and our company to letting everyone enjoy the benefits of these technologies, making them easy to buy and use.


Vera’s mission is to provide home control and home entertainment solutions that are far simpler to setup and use than products currently sold, and which are extremely energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Vera Control, Ltd’s products are built on the MiOS platform.

The MiOS platform is universal and works seamlessly with all wired and wireless technologies.  With MiOS, you  don’t have to worry about compatibility.  Whether it’s Z-Wave, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Wi-Fi Direct, Insteon, BACnet, PLC or X10 technologies, the MiOS platform can bridge them all.


Aaron Bergen founded Vera Control, Ltd in 2008, and serves as the company’s CTO and Chairman. Aaron is a successful, serial entrepreneur, having built two previous ventures, Softouch InfoCenters and ShopNet, eventually selling both. Mr. Bergen was a founder and CTO of both ventures and has a proven track record as an innovative software architect.

Lew Brown joined Vera Control, Ltd in 2009 and serves as President. Lew has over 30 years of experience in the CE industry. Prior to his tenure at Vera Control, Ltd Brown held the position of Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Zen-sys, developers of the Z-Wave next-generation wireless ecosystem.

Bob Goldberg joined Vera Control, Ltd in 2011 as Vice President of Marketing. Bob has spent over 35 years in the consumer, computer, and software product industries as a senior manager with a number of successful early stage companies including Pay by Touch, Mindscape, Worlds of Wonder, and Intelligy.

Colin Burke McClure joined Vera Control, Ltd in 2011 to lead product development. McClure is a 20 year veteran of the technology industry. Having previously built and sold a successful web services company, in addition to holding senior positions with Monster Cable, Niveus Media, and Atlona Technologies.

We have offices in Oakland-USA (HeadQuarters), Medellín-Colombia, and Iasi-Romania with a Team of over 100 employees

Our products are manufactured in Taipei, Taiwan, under high quality standards, but defined and designed in USA